Videos (2012) -

Videos (2012)

Date Title Duration
2012/07/0814th Sunday of Ordinary Time22:51
2012/06/1611th Sunday of Ordinary Time19:41
2012/06/10Homily - The Body and Blood of Christ21:25
2012/06/03Homily - Holy Trinity23:17
2012/05/27Homily - Pentecost - Confirmation24:06
2012/05/20The Ascension of Our Lord20:11
2012/05/136th Sunday of Easter19:15
2012/05/055th Sunday of Easter26:34
2012/04/294th Sunday of Easter29:15
2012/04/223rd Sunday of Easter22:27
2012/04/142nd Sunday of Easter21:32
2012/04/08Easter Sunday12:59
2012/04/08Easter Vigil (Holy Sat.) Part 215:50
2012/04/08Easter Vigil (Holy Sat.) Part 16:12
2012/04/07The Lord's Passion (Good Friday) Part 223:15
2012/04/07The Lord's Passion (Good Friday) Part 113:30
2012/04/01Palm Sunday13:30
2012/03/255th Sunday of Lent @11am26:27
2012/03/255th Sunday of Lent @9:30am16:58
2012/03/174th Sunday of Lent21:09
2012/03/113rd Sunday of Lent27:19
2012/03/042nd Sunday of Lent26:34
2012/02/261st Sunday of Lent20:02
2012/02/187th Sunday of Ordinary Time25:56
2012/02/126th Sunday of Ordinary Time22:44
2012/02/045th Sunday of Ordinary Time21:12
2012/01/291st Sunday After Lunar New_Year16:23
2012/01/253rd Day After Lunar New_Year15:36
2012/01/242nd Day After Lunar New_Year11:11
2012/01/231st Day After Lunar_New_Year17:04
2012/01/223rd Sunday of Ordinary Time16:36
2012/01/152nd Sunday of Ordinary Time18"10
2012/01/01Mary Mother of God25:14