Photos (2013)

Date Title
2013/06/02Eucharistic Adoration together with Pope Francis
2013/05/24Blessing Kindergarten Students
2013/05/24Novena of Help of Christians by Cardinal Zen
2013/05/24Vocation Sharing by Fr. Yeung
2013/04/12Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2013/04/12Blessing PM Kindergarten Students
2013/04/12Blessing AM Kindergarten Students
2013/04/08Mass in honor of Pope Francis
2013/03/15CNG Retreat
2013/03/10Pascal Dinner
2013/03/03Sing Along
2013/02/08Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2013/01/21Visit St. Jerome's Church at Tin Shui Wai
2013/01/20Sharing at Rosary Church
2013/01/20Procession of El Nino
2013/01/19Unity Week Prayer
2013/01/11Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2013/01/04Study Camp
2013/01/02Study Camp