Photos (2014)

Date Title
2014/12/25Baby Baptism
2014/12/12Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2014/12/10Blessing Kindergarten Students
2014/12/08Celebration of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
2014/11/30Parish Marathon
2014/11/23Consecration Anglican Bishop at St John Cathedral
2014/11/16Ecumenical Gathering
2014/11/16Caritas Bazaar - Tsuenwan District
2014/10/24Vocation Sharing by Deacon Carlos Cheung, SDB
2014/10/14Sharing of Pope Paul VI
2014/10/13Our Lady of Peace at St. Margaret Church
2014/10/10Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2014/10/10Blessing PM Kindergarten Students
2014/10/10Blessing AM Kindergarten Students
2014/09/26Vocation Sharing by Fr Pham
2014/09/12Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2014/09/04Sharing: Prayer Life of Mary @St. Mary’s Church
2014/08/22Vocation Sharing by Fr Wan Kwok Kwong
2014/08/08Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2014/08/06Mariapolis 2014
2014/07/11Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2014/06/19Joint Graduation Ceremony of HK Diocesan Kindergarten
2014/06/15Father Day
2014/06/13Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2014/05/23Vocation Sharing by Fr. Benedict Lam
2014/05/23Blessing PM Kindergarten Students
2014/05/23Blessing AM Kindergarten Students
2014/05/23Vocation sharing : Fr. Benedict Lam
2014/05/13Sharing on Unity at St. Joseph Church
2014/05/09Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2014/05/04Pass the Flame to Newly Baptized
2014/04/30Blessing PM Kindergarten Students
2014/04/30Blessing AM Kindergarten Students
2014/04/27Divine Mercy Sunday Liturgy
2014/04/19Easter Vigil
2014/04/18Good Friday
2014/04/17Chrism Mass
2014/04/13Palm Sunday Procession
2014/04/12Palm Sunday Procession
2014/02/14Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2014/01/12Parish Walkaton
2014/01/10Medjugorje Prayer and Sharing
2014/01/01New Year Eve Celebration
2014/01/01New Year's Outing