Pastor's Corner Sept 16, 2007 24th Ordinary Sunday

At today’s 11am Mass, from the hands of Fr. Thomas Law, I was being handed over the parish stamp, the key of the tabernacle and the letters that the bishop issued on the day when the parish was established. Since then, I am officially the pastor of Annunciation Church.

In the past 35 years of my priesthood, this is my 7th parish that I am serving. Indeed, every parish has its own style and beauty. The only thing that is the same is that “the Lord is my Shepherd”!

September 5 is the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s passing. From the recent publication of Mother Teresa’s spiritual diary, it was found that she was very much alike St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, who have experienced many days of dryness. For non-believers, it was like there was no sign for the existence of God, but for believers, it was the sign of “God’s love to mankind”, because in suffering, we are carrying the cross together with Jesus.

On September 6, at 5:30am in the morning (which was the time that I just arrived in Hong Kong ), Sr. L. C. Fan of the congregation of Precious Blood had just returned to the Lord. Sr. Fan had been the Principal of Precious Blood Secondary School, Primary School, as well as Kindergarten for twenty-seven years. I was present in her funeral Mass at St. Francis parish on September 15. Although I do not know much about Sr. Fan, her devotion to her religious vocation for 68 years, her deep involvement in the education field, and never giving up, had set a role model for us.

Please pray before the Lord for my new pastoral work.

Fr. Peter Leung



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